IX: Looking Back

Moving On IX: Looking Back by Elena Bouvier
In reflecting on this series, I believe the images are as much about moving forward as they are about reflecting on where I have been. I have seen each scene 100's of times in my commute, but never have I seen them all at once, in one trip with such clarity. I love Philadelphia, and know her moods and neighborhoods quite well, but I often experience a deep sense of sadness about the decay and poverty we have let our people and neighborhoods decline into. From the train, I catch only glimpses of the struggles others face, but I recognize the parallels to my own struggles. Like the 'graffiti taggers', I long to be seen and to be heard. Like the bridges crossing the Schuylkill Rver, I long to bridge the gap between race, religion and economics. Like the power substations, I want to empower others to be the best humans possible. Like the abandoned factories, I long to build a better and more prosperous future. And like the power nappers, I long for pleasant dreams and memories. Each image is a metaphor for larger philosophical questions that bounce in and out of my daily consciousness, the biggest one being, how can I make a better world?
I make images. This is my small but persistent contribution to society. I don't often write essays to accompany my images. I liken the experience to pulling teeth, as I find it difficult to put into words what I feel and think without rambling incoherently. Again, this series has been different. Thanks to the photo gods and goddesses for a moment of clarity, in the fog.

Open Edition 

10" x 10"

Archival Pigment Print
Entrada Rag Brite